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4 Interesting Social Enterprise Business Ideas

If you are inspired seeing the social entrepreneurs doing a great job for society, then you can start a social enterprise business yourself. Here are some brilliant ideas.

Social supermarket

You will sell products to people in the low-income group. These products are cheaper than those you find in the normal supermarket.

You can get these products for free or at discounted prices from suppliers and so will be able to sell them at a low price while still making some profit. This may be due to expiry date getting closer, poor packaging, labelling problems, or other issues.

Sell used textbooks

Many students buy new textbooks every semester. But there are some students who cannot afford to buy new books. Students can donate the text books at the end of each semester and you can sell them at a lower price to other needy students.

Cooking class for unemployed group

There are many groups of people who are unemployed due to various reasons; for example, drug addiction, mental issues, and other problems. You can have a cooking class for these people so that they can learn a new skill.

You can sell food made by these people and use the earned money for their further training. This way you can make these people financially independent.

Online casino

You can start an online casino business and offer various promotions like those found in However, to use the promo code, the player must make a small donation that will go towards charity.

A social entrepreneur has a passion for a social cause. Money is the secondary thing for him or her. These business ideas, if implemented, can bring positive changes to society. You can also earn a lot of revenue from it.

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