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Top 3 Successful Social Entrepreneurs

If you want to become a successful social entrepreneur, then you need to learn from others. Some social entrepreneurs have made a great impact on our society and they are an inspiration. Here you will know about the top successful social entrepreneurs.

Bill Drayton

He is one of the most successful social entrepreneurs ever. He is the pioneer in bringing social enterprise into mainstream society. His organization’s name is Ashoka.

The job of this organization is to identify the people who are change makers and create a network.

It encourages young people to break the societal barrier and make socially conscious decisions.

Top 3 Successful Social Entrepreneurs conference - Top 3 Successful Social Entrepreneurs

Blake Mycoskie

He is the owner of the organization ‘TOMS’. His inspiration to set up this company came when he was on a trip to Argentina. There he saw children without shoes and how they were struggling.

So, he created TOMS and when someone buys a pair of shoes from here a pair of shoes is donated to needy children. Now the company has extended in other areas like water, safe birth, anti-bullying, and other programs. To date this company has donated more than 60 million shoes.

Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus has received the Nobel Prize for creating Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. His idea was to provide small loans to the poor people without any collateral so that they can become financially self-sufficient by starting a business.

This project has been copied in many other countries as well. It has proven to be very successful and many women in Bangladesh have become self-sufficient and are helping to run their family.

These entrepreneurs were aware of problems that some communities werefacing, and they were determined to make a change in the lives of people. You should have that determination as well to contribute to society.