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Many people don’t know much about the new ‘social enterprise network’ concept. It is about changing the world using a model that is quite different from that of non-profit organizations. To know about this concept in detail, you can read some books that we recommend here.

Organizing Hope

By – Daniel Ericsson

The world is going through a crisis at the moment. There are lots of people living in poverty, with lack of education and necessities. The previous concepts to help change people’s lives seem not to work anymore.

So, new concepts must come and provide hope for these people. Here you will find discussions on how businesses and organizations can change the way they work to bring in a positive change to society.

Becoming A Social Entrepreneur

By – Michael Gordon

This book addresses the various social problems that exist today. The author has talked to various social entrepreneurs around the globe and tried to find out about social entrepreneurship in detail and how they have brought a change to society through their activities.

Social Entrepreneurship and Neoliberalism

By – Caroline Bandinelli

People now are concerned about society and many of us want to contribute positively to it. This can be done in the form of business. This book will inspire you to make money and at the same time do something good for society.

A Realistic Theory of Social Entrepreneurship

By – Arvind Ashta

This book highlights how people’s personality affects the way they want to help people. You will know about the motivation, funding, and other factors behind having a social enterprise network.

Social Entrepreneurship in Sports

By – Venessa Ratten

Sports is not only good for the body and mind, but also for society. Here you will know how sports improve society by adopting a non-profit role.

These books will inspire you and help you to learn more about social enterprise networks. You will also be able to incorporate these social elements into your business.