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about sen - AboutThe concept of social enterprise networks and clubs began in the 1970s. Different community and religious groups used to have local events for selling home-made items to collect money for donation.

Later on, this concept was adopted by many organizations to bring positive change in the community.

In this blog, you will learn about social enterprise networks and clubs. You will know how they operate and bring change to communities. You will find out how they help small businesses by creating networking opportunities.

You will find examples of social enterprise networks around the world and know how they have made a positive change in society. This will help you to come up with a model for your business that can work in a similar way.

A social enterprise network is different from non-profit organizations as the former one doesn’t rely on donations. They create funds themselves through the activities they do and help in social and environmental development.

Their models have been replicated in many parts of the world and positive results have been observed in bringing social change.

You will find stories of leaders who have used this model and became successful. They tried to deal with social issues like poverty or education through financially sustainable way. Their stories will inspire you and you can be that changemaker yourself. You will learn about their struggles and achievements.

Here you will find interviews of people using this model for social development. Every business can have the influence of social enterprise network if they incorporate social goals in their business objectives along with the financial goal.

We all have a responsibility towards society and this way we can do something good for our community and make the lives of people better. You can contact us to learn more about our site.

We will be glad to answer your queries and help you understand the concept of social enterprise networks.